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Technicians, lab managers and owners that visit other laboratory sites are interested in knowing industry status, what their peers are doing or utilizing. They are professionals that remain competitive, are determined and committed to attain excellence in their field. Therefore, we have designed these pages to support our peers and industry, to offer our share of support and aid. We offer the following products and services to our colleagues:
  • Subcontracting
    We are encouraged by the recent successes of our peers and indications from our industry forecast that forming business relationships may further your service/product line. Lab Management Today (March 2000 issue) emphasized that especially smaller operations that want to remain progressive, satisfy increasing client demands, and utilize new technology to grow their businesses reach out to outsourcing.

    We here at Young Dental Laboratory are more than happy to serve your needs. We understand your concerns: consistent quality and timely delivery of cases. Part of our relationship is the mutual respect for our work. By working together we strengthen the unity of our industry and increase communication between peers. We stand behind our craftsmanship 110% and guarantee that you won't be embarrassed to put your name on it. To view the services we offer, please click Dentists and Staff for more details. For more information regarding our specific services for your laboratory, please contact us at your convenience.

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